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Cheap Nike Kobe 7 Shoes Online

Posted by admin 29/04/2016 0 Comment(s)

From the outside it seems, Nike KD 7 and Elite versions are distinctly different, mainly because of a simplified upper material replacement and strap, so that the entire visual effects more tough pair of shoes, shoe lines are more fluid. Although changes to the upper material, but the shoe did not change, it is not as common KD series so slender forefoot part is quite loose, so it's better to manage. After a simple on foot, you can feel the shoes have some weight, but also can detect the midsole very thick, elastic foot well.

Elite version reason to remove the body of the shoe bandage, because the upper half from the original material of the fabric material, to cover the whole Hyperposite material, exudes metallic boots vamp make this murderous full. Hyperposite biggest advantage is that the supporting material and wrapped in the actual test, uppers can be a good solid foot, especially in the Dynamic Flywire's help, almost no shaking too obvious, for a low to help shoes this is particularly valuable to say. Hyperposite at the upper material using a three-dimensional shape, and the material is more stable, so that ankle support has been significantly improved, do not worry too much about the risk of sprains.

Compared with no bottom in science and technology with the ordinary version of the significant changes before and after the division of duties of Zoom Air works well, especially after the palm Visible Zoom Air, the reaction at the time of landing quite quickly, well done to absorb the impact of the lower limbs. When it comes to disadvantages, Nike KD 7 Elite midsole or some thick forefoot Zoom Air results thus weakened, making it unlike in the past KD series that can provide sufficient flexibility in the testing process change to some difficult, especially in the rapid exhumation process can best appreciate the lack of flexibility. It is more suitable for this swingman Kevin Durant instead of speed-type guard.

External shading road home from Durant Maryland, weather map abstracted imprinted on the outer end, in fact, is a variant of wavy lines. In the evaluation process, the outer end of the performance is very excellent, remarkable friction, linear acceleration performance ho not dragging its feet. Wear more common, although no special rubber formula, but wins in the lines relatively large, the general site can be used. We can see the bottom of the support structure through special outsole, though fragile support bar on small surfaces, but the actual effect dial group, but also KD 7 gives us another big surprise.

Overall, the performance of Nike Shoes KD 7 Elite is indeed more sturdy than the regular version, but the regular version is basically the problems did not change, the only plus is constantly vamp system, bluntly said that this is Nike in recent in the low-top basketball shoes resorted to the strongest make, if we can improve the weak permeability better. In for evaluation for KD 7 Elite Meanwhile, across the Atlantic in progress KD 8 launch event, worth the wait.