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Cheap Nike Kobe 8 Lifestyle BlackGold Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 12/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


Any previous evaluation of a shoe Size operated, this time we did not choose to enter any outfield ordinary 25 yuan a limited time or a little luxury to choose 400 yuan an hour basketball venues called the history of this most strong shoes reviews, but directly across the ocean with the Nike Kobe 8 System, we came across the ocean Los Angeles, Staples Center to experience this in the most lightweight top basketball shoes - yes, that is Staples Center, Los Angeles the Lakers and Clippers home to legendary uS basketball temple, we will be staged here in its home debut with the Nike Kobe 8 System this new favorite. It is particularly worth mentioning is that we are involved in the training and guidance of trainer group against what has private training for Jordan and Kobe Bryant two superstar Tim Grover, then for Kobe 8 System test of harsh presumably also can be imagined.


  "Bryant will always give his body a great amount of training. He has done strength training every year, and even may be some excess, always kept on the force strength, so the body will always be a little tired." Crazy strength training Bryant standing over still has a strong ability to fight, while Tim Grover treated as Bryant general stringent requirements, our training beyond the previous amount of imagination, but this is obviously to quickly understand the point of view of Kobe 8 System not a bad thing.At the beginning of the training, Mr. Tim Grover does not seem like we had imagined at the beginning of the media team as mercy, on the contrary, we have experienced physical exertion may be the biggest product experience activities, and for shoes reviews, the dramatic let us also warm-up training for Kobe 8 System With a more comprehensive subjective impression.


From Nike Kobe 8 System put in the Lakers locker room at home, we will be able to feel this is a pair of very lightweight shoes, of course aside the data, we can not assert that it is the most lightweight, but at least can be regarded as the lightest one. But to make us sweat in training, Kobe 8 System will no longer be simple and straightforward light, but a light shoe body plus a reasonable cut, coupled with a sense of comfort and flexible material created by. Jiaogan so well thanks to its unique Engineered Mesh uppers performance mesh upper, although it does not have a domineering and mysterious name of science and technology, but more than fit and breathability Flywire, Hyperfuse while not as stiff. Of course, you can continue to denounce Engineered Mesh inadequate performance on the support, but it is like you go to tangle its low to help design the missing ankle protection - have not you used to this from the formation of the Zoom Kobe 4 extreme style it? Moreover, Kobe 8 System that blunt toe can at least protect your feet will not be easily trampled. For the rest, due to the pace of the previous stage of training, running and strength-based, so we can not Lunarlon midsole for cushioning properties were assessed, but it affixed to sense Kobe 7 System compared to the Zoom Air and Cushlon clearly much more obvious, especially in the forefoot portion, or even distorted feel anxious when the floor suddenly outsole with large friction moment shading the road. Exaggerated? But the fact is the case.