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Cheap Nike Kobe 9 Elite High FLYKNIT

Posted by admin 26/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


FLYKNIT technology should be extended to basketball shoes, NIKE Kobe Shoes with a new knitting methods and machinery, let KOBE IX ELITE is designed to combine different yarns and fibers, with the ever-changing weaving techniques, endowed with artistic sense, creating a gorgeous color; but at the same time greatly reduce FLYKNIT elastic material, and the upper FLYKNIT running shoes on a completely different, KOBE IX ELITE significantly more resilient to provide support for multi-directional foot activities. When careful attention FLYKNIT shoes on, it is not difficult to find large and small varying weave pattern, in response to provide supportive, KOBE IX ELITE apply different methods of weaving and multilayer FLYKNIT at different positions, for the feet provide a natural sense of activity ; but since the first wearing, hard shoe, flexion position more mild discomfort, but after the warm-up vamp become slightly soft, discomfort slowly disappear. KOBE IX ELITE in FLYKNIT shoes for the whole brings focus, it is more or less that only looks gorgeous on the body of the shoe support capacity in doubt; multilayer design knitting method, combining different fiber materials up in the back of the shoe body more clearly visible black mesh structure, increasing the support point for the body of the shoe. If you rely only FLYKNIT upper legs to provide stability and support capabilities, performance will not believe enough; designer shoes are specially configured in six groups FLYWIRE, with laces as fixed-point, increase supportive. When tightening the laces, shoe naturally fit your feet, with a stabilizing effect, to the concept of "Nature Amplified" of. The best technology is that FLYKNIT lightweight and breathable, soft FLYKNIT shoes just like wearing socks administering a feeling, which is also the designer hopes KOBE IX ELITE bring out the feeling.

KOBE IX ELITE indeed very thin, lightweight and can shape the body of the shoe, but the appearance imitating boxing boots designed with a high gaiters, increasing the overall weight; and shoes in FLYKNIT using a multilayer braiding technique, unfortunately, repeat woven yarn and fiber so FLYKNIT look closely, let KOBE IX ELITE is not as FLYKNIT running shoes can be set in a plurality of mesh ventilation opening, dependent only on the tongue slightly inadequate ventilation holes, breathable basketball shoes and the general ability to look the same, this is indeed a little pale.