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Cheap Nike Kobe 9 Elite Mid Team Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 12/05/2016 0 Comment(s)


9 heel embroidered red line to become one of the focus on KOBE IX ELITE, a symbol of Kobe Bryant in Ajilisi tendon surgery sutures, and represents the ninth generation of KOBE series. Each suture represents a commitment to himself and his fans, no taboo to show scars after surgery, as if to proclaim that he will be out of the shadow of injuries, return to the court. In addition to feeling nine surgical sutures on the heel, a giant tongue for another Coke, adding boxing boots for the whole of double KOBE IX ELITE. Since KOBE 4 play KOBE 8 SYSTEM, heels are equipped with an extra stable design to lock the heel, Kobe Bryant and Eric Avar agree this design, the ability to provide excellent locking; but KOBE IX ELITE changed the previous concept, appearance no large heel stable bracket to the outer arch and the inner lateral heel position coupled with carbon fiber to provide stable, while the inner heel boots with a protective material thick, ankle protection and support to strengthen capacity. KOBE series uses carbon fiber is not new, but it is interesting KOBE IX ELITE carbon fiber is not as usual on the device at the bottom of the arch, nor is carbon fiber through the bottom, will inevitably be questioned stability; designers are also taken into account problem, so the soles with a hard TPU, with carbon fiber soles formed trays, to bring stability to the role of arch position, so that when cut to provide the best protection. Total carbon fiber shoe side of the small series reminds one year ago launched AIR JORDAN XX8, when two pairs simultaneously compare, KOBE IX ELITE carbon fiber significantly lower after setting the AIR JORDAN XX8 side, but both are equally impressive performance . FLYKNIT is an astonishing technique, any distortion can also cover the feet, as well as designed to bring more possibilities, like magic as thoroughly integrated into the boxing boots KOBE Basketball Shoes IX ELITE, in order Gaotong shoes creating a high body flexibility and agility. But the tongue is too great, such as all the laces tied tight, will make clothes fit too tongue leg, feet shackled as easily lead to discomfort, or take time to adapt to it and adjust the height of the laces. It is noteworthy that the inner and outer carbon fiber heel stabilizer, designed entirely can be fixed legs, provide excellent stability when moving around, small series such as sprains and even try out as trans, can also lock the ankle, outstanding support effect. Unfortunately, carbon fiber is very hard, when rapid traverse or turn around, and sometimes feel the top of carbon fiber scraped ankles, easily lead to discomfort or injury, it is recommended to wear thick socks for protection.