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Cheap Nike Kobe X 10 EM XDR Red Black White Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 08/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


KOBE Basketball Shoes series for coach Eric Avar, design one pair of boxing boots or a pair of basketball shoes will not be a problem, but both want to create a pair of comfortable, lightweight, and can provide multi-directional protection for basketball players, simply to imitation leather uppers must not meet their requirements, can not meet the creative director.

Section Kobe 10 This pair of low-cut models, feet are relatively low, normal yardage, in the case of the death of the landlord shoelaces tied with elite socks, enjoy more abnormal encapsulated within a half palm shoe boots, combat does not that there is no Genjiao phenomenon. Configuring the official gives the whole palm luna + heel zoom, the Internet can also see the demolition of some of the mainstream media and FIG shoes nike official issued and shoes using crystal outsole, shoe soles can also see through the configuration or very carefully. PS. Forefoot luna also used the nike free cutting technology, but the landlord did not feel anything. Jiaogan talk, before the landlord are wearing sf, one pair sf2 one pair sf3, are two chamber zoom, shoes are high to the bottom of this Section 10 bis is really low to high before, on foot combat immediately start feeling agile, after being stepped on feces when palm landing, not yet accustomed to the first real feel forefoot luna is tasteless, too hard, the second sequence three times comfortable. Overall, this brings in the end cushioning is very reliable. Outside of the forefoot can be seen extending from the sole up to prevent eversion of carbon plate, the upper support is also in place, stop, have a kind of landed firmly feeling. After all, a pair of low shoes, ankle while liberated also brings the risk of injury. Landlord to play for so many years, never even Niuguo ankle, it is in no way afraid of, here tentatively to 7 points. I had to write about the event in Section 10 of this metamorphosis grip. The soles are based on a few nails pattern composed of the small nail is really too much, at the end of the crystal material itself, give me a eraser feel, high friction to not really friends, plus this metamorphosis shading small nail design, let me stop, deformation did not feel the time slip, nailed to the ground the same feeling. I'll describe the side today to dry bulb indoor arena, a lot of dust on the ground, all kinds of Tucao people slipping and foot Section 10, I can still hear the sound of feet coming Zizi Zi. Nice.