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Cheap Nike Zoom Kobe Hyperdunk TB Shoes

Posted by admin 08/05/2016 0 Comment(s)

Coleman and Kobe Bryant released Nike Hyperdunk, Nike, which is the lightest available, most solid basketball shoes, Nike also participated in various high-end to support summertime athletes from more than 100 countries launched the Beijing Olympics, light quality ground breaking products in the performance of a product, these ground breaking products will help these athletes gained gold medals in thirty-two sports projects.

"We launched the Beijing Olympics, the performance of products aimed at the part of the essence of the record of Nike products. inches Nike President and CEO Mark Parker said, "Nike Hyperdunk is a great product, it marks Nike's commitment: to excellence in innovation and lightweight performance products specialized in the professional athletes worldwide. in the game, each gram weight are at stake. players need superior lightweight shoes and apparel, the equipment make them confident in the game, this our system is also suitable for them. inch

Parker and Kobe Bryant released Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoe to the national media, media staff in the Nike world headquarters witnessed the Beijing Olympics Nike's progressive product performance style. Products include using more solid than the high-tech lightweight bulletproof vest fibers and Lunarlite foam cushioning materials tennis shoes, and the use of recycled polyester produced by Nike Swift high-performance sportswear.

Nike Kobe Hyperdunk TB Basketball Sneaker weight of only 13. 0 ounces, the Coleman basketball shoes than the average 18% lighter. Bryant run 2. 5 kilometers in every game, field hockey shoes lighter weight means he can drive more energy on the court. Bryant will be wearing Coleman Hyperdunk participate April La lakers and Clippers. Hyperdunk field hockey shoes will be available accessible in late July in the United States.

"Nike Hyperdunk basketball shoe is ultra lightweight, strong and responsive it is, can I bring a real advantage in the game. " Bryant said.

Coleman Beijing Olympic Games will provide an international level, that stage, Nike Basketball Shoes will leverage the company has established a powerful brand in the Chinese leadership. Coleman Hyperdunk basketball shoes and the Beijing Olympics related launch other progressive products, will create a powerful system for Nike, Nike where consolidate the leading sports activities brand in China in dominance. Today, China is the most significant outside of Nike's business in the US market, sales earnings in China has maxed $ 1 billion.

Coleman Hyperdunk basketball shoes contain two latest innovations: Flywire technology and Lunarlite froth. Flywire technology structure for sports shoes redefined, cutting down the weight of the shoes, increases the durability of shoes, so the first step feel Quick athletes on the catwalk and the stadium can run more quickly. Lunarlite foam has an unique cell structure, formed in response to fast light and portable cushioning system.