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Discount Kobe 9 Elite High Perspective Basketball Shoes

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Cheap Nike Kobe 9 Elite High Perspective Basketball Shoes


By the 2011 KOBE SYSTEM began to appear, and this year launched KOBE IX ELITE SYSTEM name has no existence, nor no other configuration appears in the end, only one is engraved with LUNARLON midsole KOBE SYSTEM tag. This is in response to Kobe Bryant's choice, after years of wearing KOBE series that LUNARLON in the end can bring the most comfortable feeling for him; but it was certainly a pity, for the players lack of other configuration options, or only special exclusive custom insole . LUNARLON extremely lightweight foam manufacturing, will help reduce the weight of the shoe body, appearance and KOBE 8 SYSTEM similar to the end of a large, non-slip design on the insole plus face pressure position. LUNARLON comfort midsole to see that its structure and soft, your feet start feeling natural when twisted together with non-slip design makes your feet and midsole combined with Xian thin outsole, to enhance the degree of reaction. But LUNARLON remain consistent weakness in the end thinner, with harder KOBE IX ELITE heel, so that the position of the heel of insufficient resilience, elasticity and shorter life cycle, to which a small series KOBE 8 SYSTEM Examples , LUNARLON midsole spend approximately 4-6 months has begun to lack resilience, will inevitably have an impact on cushioning.

Since KOBE 8 SYSTEM KOBE IX ELITE and in the end closer to the volume, there are a lot of people are most concerned about, Xiao Bian also tried to KOBE 8 SYSTEM midsole embedded within KOBE IX ELITE shoes can be common to both KOBE IX ELITE, but it also found that slightly respectively, thus providing a comparison of two of the midsole. Both were in the bottom maximum thickness due KOBE 8 SYSTEM midsole thinner, embedded in KOBE Basketball Shoes IX ELITE carbon fiber may feel closer to the inside and outside of the ankle bone, more obvious discomfort, small never recommend switching bottom; such as wearing really want to swap in the end, should be carefully considered. For self-demanding Kobe Bryant, to overcome injuries to re-play is not easy, but KOBE IX ELITE overall design, fully configured to respond to his request to elite attitude waiting for his comeback; FLYKNIT new technology allows KOBE IX ELITE like works of art as pop, more visual effects, leaving out more design changes, to inject more elements for the future of basketball shoes; KOBE IX ELITE showing strict production in all technical, design attitude to meet the stringent demands of Kobe Bryant is more to look forward to his return to the court again.