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Evaluation Shoes NIKE Hyperdunk 2010 TB

Posted by admin 22/04/2016 0 Comment(s)


NIKE is one of many NBA players in 2010 using the main push of the two teams shoes, and Nike Kobe Hyperdunk 2010 TB Fyperfuse together at the 2010 World Basketball Shoes Championships also has a lively performance by players such as Andre Iguodala trust as Hyper family orthodox successors, Nike Kobe Hyperdunk TB out of the former Hyperize weak performance, the more pragmatic and reliable performance, a strong lineup of endorsements, many color version lets Hyper family shine on the basketball court, called the 2010 best team shoes one.

Hyper Series appearance have been guided by simple line, a lot of people say this monotonous design denied the shoes personality, but in fact had to admit Nike Kobe Hyperdunk TB after the foot quite beautiful, simple design brings a very cool effect, this is mainly due Hyperdunk 2010 that smooth line layout, in 2008, the first generation Hyperdunk exposure time, I did not desire to buy, because the first generation Hyperdunk in appearance always gives me a sense of "unexpected" feeling, this feeling very strange, no matter how original NIKE propaganda "Hyperdunk both lightweight and robust, Flywire able to provide adequate and reliable protection," the first generation Hyperdunk in appearance still can not feel safe enough to me, Oh, in fact, many times, at first glance feeling decide whether you put a pair of shoes in the bag, Hyperdunk 2010 improved a lot in appearance, integrated structure so that the overall appearance of uppers of shoes more "stable," and with the holder body of the shoe heel and more natural.

Bright red color is really cute, after the shoes arrived, saw the students say nice, with Guangdong's phrase, is the "type ah!" Pitched very Gao Qiao upper front end, but also as high as the upper tongue, if want wearing Nike Kobe Hyperdunk TB Andre Iguodala effect when that leg is more difficult, the front end of the upper calf towering inevitably make "significant short" side effects, ha. Bright red color of the upper material to soft color than the world championships, which makes wrinkles problem is not so serious vamp shoes to wear even for a long period of time is still the "new shoes" feeling.