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How to evaluate Kobe Bryant 8-generation shoes

Posted by admin 06/09/2017 0 Comment(s)

Kobe Bryant 8 generation to abandon the use of flywire and the use of engineered mesh, while no longer use zoom air and turn to use lunarlon, this combination of technology is really better than the original configuration?

First talk about the individual on the overall view of the eight: Nike Kobe 8 is a pair of good shoes, but not necessarily a pair of good basketball shoes.


First support. Personally feel that fiywire is Nike since 2008, carefully prepared for the full packaging of a big Huyou (running shoes try not much, tentatively say basketball shoes field). I believe that the original through the Hyperdunk or ZK4 or even after the LBJ7 people on the fly line maximum impression is to reduce the weight of the shoes, rather than provide a reliable support, or fly line brought support is the upper Of the "hard" (that is, a lot of cheese like joking plastic shoes) for the price in exchange for. I personally do not hate flying line technology, but that the core of the technology is not support, but in the package, after the dynamic flywire dynamic flywire also confirmed the emergence of this direction. If the existence of the fly line at least to ensure the hardness of the upper and how much can provide some additional support, then the use of the engineering network surface of the engineered mesh is even "hard" the last piece of fig leaf is also severely ripped off. On the support of the upper, I personally think that the Kobe 8 Nike Kobe Sneakers is failing (this is also the view of most of the friends around it). LBJ11 just listed when the card has not yet off the shelf, foamposite and engineered mesh for a little comparison can be deeply felt the two in the material, hardness, support on the huge gap.


Say cushioning. Nike Kobe 8 Sneakers a total of three kinds of insoles, one is the general version of the whole palm lunar, the other is nike + and back palm zoom (such as Black Elite 603270-100), the last one is before and after zoom (Green Elite 586590-300 ). Student party financial resources only through the first two, respectively, say their views: the whole palm lunar feet really good, more than to zoom to the more moderate, but lunar durable problem has been criticized numerous. After a few weeks will be able to produce a clear collapse of Orz; black elite insoles because embedded in the nike + firmware so much heavier than the other two versions, but this weight changes in the foot after the feeling is not Obviously, in general, cushioning is enough, there will be significant feedback during the movement. Finally, before and after the zoom because it did not go through so do not comment, but I believe that the possibility of slow earthquake is almost zero (spiral case which pair of shoes shocking too bad = =). It can be said, in addition to lunaron this material can not be ignored, the Nike Kobe 8 Sneakers version of the cushion should be guaranteed.
Finally, Tucao kobe 8 elite for sale, and LBJ10 or KD5 Elite compared to the volute Elite the most sincere simply pit father.

Before seems to have been saying that the shoes are not good, there can be said to be a lot of bright spots, the following slightly explained.


The same is the engineering network surface, although led to the support of the weak, but won the appearance of high freedom. Because the relationship between the special material, so the designer can wantonly in the upper drawing on the need for complex patterns, which greatly enriched the upper details, allowing endless stream of colors and graphics portfolio, while the Department of eight fashion and fashion A substantial increase in the sense. Plus Chen's personal demonstration, so that a ticket on the team to wear eight pressure on the road team, at least in my observation, the number of appearances on the road far more than the actual battlefield of their shadow. (Of course, I see more of the field, so more affected the Kobe 8 shoes on the mirror rate, but this also reflects the side of the Section eight delicate lines can not resist the field of rolling, after all, can not enter the ranks of real shoes ). (Such as gradient violet, snake year, ASG, cantaloupe, firework and even black and yellow advertising color, of course, including Prelude), is still the trend of the tide of the tide of men's choice of choice.
Say lunar, if only the pressure of the road, then no doubt greatly reduce the loss of lunar, but also can provide shoes or canvas is difficult to match the excellent foot feeling.

And then back to the beginning of my answer that sentence, Kobe Bassketball Shoes Sale is a pair of good shoes, but can not be said to be a pair of good basketball shoes. A pair of high-end signature shoes of the trend value overshadowed her combat capability, this departure from the traditional and difficult to win the majority of shoes enthusiasts (especially for many years to wear Kobe Bryant's actual party) recognition. Since Nike is Kobe's generation of the concept of the system, the league in the number of children wearing Kobe Bryant increasingly reduced, when most of the Lakers wear ZK4 grand occasion gone. Recall ZK3,4,5,6 these predecessors are outstanding combat leaders, but light on the actual combat, Section VIII is simply the same period of LBJ10 or Hyperdunk2013, of course, there are recently hot newborn Hyperrev finished burst. But even if the Department of eight or to maintain her popular popularity and excellent sales (especially in Europe and the United States market), not only because the volute accumulated perennial unparalleled popularity of the foundation, but also because of the fashion elements of shoes and fashion appearance.