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KOBE 10 Explanation of Science and Technology

Posted by admin 06/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Kobe 10 Elite,

KOBE 10 design is still the surgeon himself Bryant's own Queen's designer Eric Alwar, natural and ultimately comments and feedback during Bryant himself. First look at the shoes of innovation, but also the main point of this aspect of nike. KOBE 10 rare buffer configuration uses a hybrid (hybrid cushioning), before KOBE 9 Lunarlon cushioning the basis of the introduction of the traditional ZOOM cushion, and nike free running shoes its unique outsole cutting.

When the outsole design is integrated into the new traction system (traction system), into the specific presentation it is the sole visible clouds nodules, for better control of the moment in the game to make a change to a high-strength, start and other actions which are inspired by the source of high-speed precision racing tires.

Shoe design is abandoned KOBE 9 innovative Flyknit presentation, changed to sharkskin-inspired seamless open mesh uppers alternative preparation, the ratio of the conventional grid vamp in lightweight, durable , the permeability are superior.

In the details presented on, KOBE 10 and not too many highlights of my element Bryant, Kobe Bryant and traditional scabbard Logo embroidered signature only visible tongue; X words on behalf of generations of shoes were placed in Alwar soles, and dazzling gold metal modified coupled with transparent outsole with good effect; followed by red stitching it symbolizes Kobe healing Achilles tendon, which is the heritage element KOBE 9 self, but by the number 9 It became four.