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KOBE 9 ELITE Basketball Shoes Review

Posted by admin 17/04/2016 0 Comment(s)

Cheap Nike Kobe 9 Elite High Inspiration Basketball Shoes


Since KOBE 4 play KOBE 8 SYSTEM, heels are equipped with an extra stable design to lock the heel, Kobe Bryant and Eric Avar agree this design, the ability to provide excellent locking; but KOBE 9 ELITE changed the previous concept, appearance no large heel stable bracket to the outer arch and the inner lateral heel position coupled with carbon fiber to provide stable, while the inner heel boots with a protective material thick, ankle protection and support to strengthen the capacity of KOBE series carbon fiber is not new, but it is interesting KOBE 9 ELITE carbon fiber is not as usual on the device at the bottom of the arch, nor is carbon fiber through the bottom, it will inevitably be questioned stability; designers also take into account this problem, so sole with harder TPU, with carbon fiber soles formed trays, to bring stability to the role of arch position, so that when cut to provide the best protection.

Alternatively, some fans think that because of injuries and for the design of one pair of Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes Gaotong; small series have been serious injuries to the ankle, the injury when operating complex also hope that when put on a pair of shoes Gaotong, undoubtedly can provide a peace of mind; although according to designer Eric Avar statement, design and Achilles tendon injuries and there is no relationship, but for the upcoming return to the court of Kobe Bryant, wearing Gaotong KOBE IX ELITE perhaps an appropriate opportunity. Each KOBE series design process, Kobe Bryant will put forward some demands, such as the shoe material, shape, but one thing is that he has not changed over the years - put on one pair can clearly feel any change in the pitch of basketball shoes. In the game, he often used spies step, or the use of turned shots, feet need very sensitive sense of touch, so each pair of shoes is also more KOBE affixed to the soles and thin; KOBE 9 ELITE designer to create a thickness of about 3 cm outsole with replaceable LUNARLON whole foot in the end, so that the whole soles thinner, so that your feet closer to the ground; to render the feeling of barefoot, sole pattern to the foot pressure-sensitive drawing design to provide the best reactivity.

 In addition to the sole pattern design pressure map, the forefoot more match softer rubber material to enhance the reaction, more natural sense of order when buckling, although just a little extremely subtle design, the designers have been careful filling. KOBE 9 ELITE soles can certainly provide rapid reactivity and excellent grip, with the midsole LUNARLON, really feel the changes of the floor, feeling particularly evident, can increase agility feet started, Xiao Bian even think its sensitivity is higher than KOBE 8 SYSTEM; but it can also feel extremely thin soles, although spend XDR durable materials, pressure distribution pattern is very immature and dense, durable in outdoor environment wearing a very limited capacity, while XDR material easier sticky dust on the ground, and thus directly affect their ability to grip; not play before the first look at imitation, otherwise it will have an impact on performance. Hidden in the medial forefoot another string password: "VENI VIDI VICI" is a Latin, Chinese translated as "I came, I saw, I conquered." This is the Roman general Julius Caesar in the era before the year of 47 published famously, when Caesar in the Battle of Zela extremely rapid time to beat Faernaike II, to report a success only when you write this letter three words: "VENI VIDI VICI"; this famous engraved sole, fully representative of the aspirations and determination of Kobe Bryant, have experienced injuries after baptism, a new start.