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Kobe 10 Elite Low Evaluation

Posted by admin 18/06/2016 0 Comment(s)

Turned into a pair of primary colors Kobe X Elite saw Taobao 1100 into a pair of good price and do some comparison and evaluation
Look eyes of the beholder, right at sunset which I think we can double to 9 minutes into the assassin had thought but not satisfactory if the toe color like pink changed
First, by the upper x sharkskin into a fly line. . . But I feel more hot downstairs on a photo although it seems very breathable but do not count on using the egg is breathable but perhaps not as good as the original feeling more rigid upper 10 and then move the fly line will feel the pain not the
Moving very fit the foot is designed to fill the half-empty design let this become a bubble, then I feel the need to code a large 0.5 yards
Tongue feels a little bit more hard jab ankle recommended to wear a stocking Comfort air permeability of 8 points. . . 7 minutes and no more.

Cushioning aspect of the lunar words added after the palm zoom zoom directly affixed to the foot feeling a direct impact on individuals can only feel soft and elastic not see a lot of tiger pounced nike bulge still does not learn any lessons for the appearance on the this is the first time not just on the lunar insole embedded but there is a certain sense of sacrifice on foot feeling depressed but not absolutely certain increase in the running process will provide a more smooth feeling on the durability of course, hope zoom cushioning on top and not as how to how to promote its hanging nike 8.5 bar.

The sole general aspects and use the same version of the crystal particles, said bottom is the strongest grip is not an exaggeration but the particles is very soft like an ordinary soft so it was not durable gray outer court again slip frequency is also very less but after the oxidation is really hard to read this oxidation not know the future will be how to use color to 10. Well durable. . . 6 points and no more.