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Kobe 11 Mark Parker Bring Muse Third Color

Posted by admin 18/05/2016 0 Comment(s)


Kobe 11 Muse Pack Basketball Shoes color debut ushered in the third paragraph, the surgeon himself by the brand CEO, a former shoe designer Mark Parker to the performance of the blue-black black mamba theme, different Flyknit woven texture, and laces, tongue and followed by a new detail, reveals the this Kobe 11 Elite Low Muse "Mark Parker" extraordinary identity, a different kind of transparent outsole is showing more highlights.

Mark Parker was undoubtedly the most famous designs Air Pegasus, and is still the extraordinary vitality of classic running shoes.

The new color will be officially on sale May 27 at the China region, physical stores and official network synchronization shelves overseas in the May 26 sale.