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Kobe 7 System Simple Evaluation

Posted by admin 10/06/2016 0 Comment(s)

I admit ZK7 out more than a year of time to write the evaluation has no meaning, please forgive.

A recent online purchase genuine Bryant Kobe seven generations of dual-pixel still can, would be able to see the fly line technology flywire. Straight to the point, said direct combat experience. Combat three times, both indoor and two plastic floor, a wooden floor. Do not question why my soles clean, complete combat and take home a little rub a few.

Gimmick fly line technology has been high, but through combat, fly line technology in the Kobe 7 not have any usefulness, did not play close to the feeling of the foot, as shown below, this fine line Intuit point of it. Besides shoes parcel, If I score, then, out of 10, I comment 9.5. First, within the footwear insole tongue integration it played a crucial role, especially in the shoe material, compared to up strong on a lot of good shoes, as the body of the shoe until later. Memory foam insole I feel really good, but "play fast" boots on the glyph just hit one hour gave worn away ...

Second, strong shoes although for some people will be very suited, but yet greatly strengthened the parcel I personally think that is very good. Actual combat, the sole is bound to say, this is of course to say the sole. Combat three times, was the sole grip, and very stable, said seven families this is not good that bad, but the people, after all, the top basketball shoes, satisfied. Of course, Bryant seven generations feature is straightforward, with a straight upper bar, and on the use of the soles of my favorite and classic herringbone pattern and texture triangle.