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Kobe AD basketball shoes large evaluation

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In 2016, it was a very important year for all Kemei. Bryant's retirement, declared a star superstar career ended, countless people sigh. NIKE "Fade to black" series of sale, once again the whole of Kobe Bryant boots into the people's vision, countless people crazy. The sale of a market and empty, and then to the secondary market of high prices, have proved that Bryant in the world of super influence.

Then as the Kobe spirit of the heritage - Kobe Bryant series of boots, in the post-Kobe era will go from here? What kind of face will you face everyone? These questions, in November, we finally came to the answer!

"AD", on behalf of the "first year" meaning. Kobe himself personally said that if you are active players with 11,12,13 that can, but they have quit the stadium, it should be used to represent a new name to start a new stage.

Some of the design ideas on the shoes themselves, I will not go into details, curious students can click on the following link to see how Bryant himself said.

Speaking of Kobe AD, with a word to describe is the "same recipe, the same taste." First of all, said the shoes used under the technology: the upper is still used Kobe series of Engineered Mesh, which is what we usually call the engineering network (Kobe series often appears in the abbreviation EM refers to this). In line with the upper, EM's old partner Fly Wire (flying line) also appeared. In the end of this time or in accordance with the whole palm Lunar + ZOOM cushion with the way the show on the shoes. In order to make everyone more intuitive to see the true situation of Kobe AD, a KOBE AD dismantling map.

Uppers on the surface of the project with a similar suede material, simple and smooth, the upper of the lines to the upper to bring a certain sense of hierarchy.
Next, under the upper with the tongue to create two-thirds of the boots, which is Kobe series of conventional practices (the figure shows incomplete).
The Kobe AD on the use of a total of five groups of fly line, compared to the use of many of the technology shoes, the pair of shoes on the fly line is relatively thick.
Let's take a look at the whole structure. Kobe AD in the end of the structure can be said to 10 generations and 11 generations of design integrated optimization, the direct use of Lunar material as the entire midsole, and in the back palm also joined the ZOOM cushioning unit. But this time, ZOOM placement is not conventional in the Lunar under, but directly placed in the upper, and the use of the small chamber ZOOM, this change will make the foot feel how to change it? We'll say that later
See the bottom of the outer, wrapped in a layer of shoes should be called a layer of TPU rubber material (enhanced anti-torsion ability and anti-rollover ability). And then set up a specially treated TPU around the film, showing the color of the electroplating process of color, this is the biggest highlight of this section shoes, very eye-catching.

Kobe AD in the upper, although still use the EM material, but careful observation will find the EM and the usual is not the same - the use of the weaving process. This way makes the strength of the upper to a certain extent, the relative increase, to avoid the EM material is too soft and the resulting upper in the process of movement is too serious deformation. Bold fly line also on the middle of the upper shoe support has brought a certain upgrade. However, or the old saying goes, fish and bear's paw can not have both. Want to get more lightweight and flexible performance, protective decline is inevitable reality. Carry twisting and anti-rollover side, not too much to say, quite satisfactory to keep the Kobe Bryant series of consistent performance it