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Posted by admin 04/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

KOBE 8 abandoned ZOOM (although there followed ZOON version), using the whole palm lunarlon as a main cushioning technology, the beginning is difficult to accept, after combat my thoughts have changed, press the road foot feeling quite satisfactory, as HD2012 soft, but in the take-off or landing when the heel can feel significant cushioning, forefoot relatively affixed to favor quick start, compared to ZOOM is, lunarlon cushioning is more gentle, there is no strong sense of feedback, start slightly less, in addition, lunarlon prone to wrinkles, durability aspects may not ZOON over, fortunately without fear of being pierced burst. in fact, Bryant's shoes wear is not good, but let me compare KOBE 8 surprise, in general, than ZK7, ZK5 good, and ZK6 almost, I weight 84 kg two hours after the combat was no significant wear, a ball will be able to see before ZK7 worn out around the palm herringbone lines deep, should be more durable grip .KOBE8 perfect, indoor and outdoor play no slippage, deep lines, better than previous generations, the emergency stop is no rollover sense, vamp strength OK, should not be damaged, the only drawback is probably the insole, the insole a bit slippery when play is recommended to wear socks towel.