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NIKE KOBE ZK 8 VIII Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 18/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Decisive moment: Bryant should be the lightest generation, design a tough line to change the seven generations, has become more streamlined, performance is also more prominent aspects of fast and flexible, the entire pair of shoes on the feet feel the sense posted excellent grip fierce, kind of like the impulse to jump start think, very thin soles with full palm lunar system, the reaction rate is very comfortable yet, I crossed the 4567-generation zk midsole most comfortable pair of shoes.

 "8" for Bryant is definitely a lot of memory number, his young, growing and frivolous are accompanied by the "8." Over time, Bryant chose "24", it seems not many people remember that once the No. 8, come and go like the wind of Kobe.

Kobe 8 System, we have been waiting for the actual evaluation, this pair of shoes tangle of contradictions faded weight to the youth of the upper and the shock began to regret a little extreme and ending, let me bring everyone to look at this pair of Kobe 8 System performance combat it. I have said in previous articles in this double Kobe 8 System is have certain stereotypes, after all, the price of ¥ 1399 and accumulated at least not directly proportional to the shoe technology, this generation of Kobe Zoom Air to completely abandon the practice made me a moment of some rooms can not meet, and this is my subjective feelings before the evaluation, I believe that so many years growing up watching ZK series Tell me what you would have a little feeling it.

Of course, for a pair of shoes from the field we have the final qualitative performance, after all, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Today I do not want too much evaluation Historical Status and illustrious family of a pile of Kobe Bryant's own history, after all these things we know better than I, didactic tradition Reviews for this pair of shoes does not make sense. To bring today is a simple practical evaluation, so that those who love Kobe, Kobe loving family and friends can have a most real reference. From the chart you can clearly see, Kobe 8 System comfort is weak, I give 7 points lower than even some ordinary team basketball shoes, listen to my analysis of the specific reasons.

In fact, if a pair of training shoes, blue shoes or stroll would have required Kobe 8 System, then this one will undoubtedly get high scores, but today the real me is one pair of top basketball shoes standpoint, Kobe 8 System becomes very contradictory a. Come talk and comfort related to another configuration: vamp, canceled the fly line as Kobe 8 System usually wear one pair of shoes for the shoe lightweight, breathable and looks very durable, almost impeccable; in as combat basketball shoes also gave me the same feeling, lightweight, breathable and durable, it was all I required improvements Bryant points, but there was one thing I totally unacceptable, Kobe 8 System upper package of it is terrible, as a high arch foot and partial fat old member of the evaluation, Nike shoes will give me the most tightly wrapped feeling of the brand shoes I almost never had to worry about in this regard. It now appears that Kobe 8 System is an exception, although with a portion of the inner boot system (front part of a tightly feet) of the first games I habitually not tie shoelaces hole uppermost, wearing ordinary cotton socks to play in this process With the foot in a shoe was sloshing feeling that this is a terrible experience ah! Kobe 8 System at this point and the Zoom Kobe 7 away two extremes is I can not think; Nike Elite Cushioned Sock second facelift provided by the forum Reviewed guy friendship and fasten shoelaces, tie him all shoes perforated shoes after a certain change, at least not too much psychological shadow Mail, do a variety of actions when the shoe can also keep up with the rhythm of the feet, but it fit and parcel it still is not enough, this one thing I have no other way but to once again tie shoelaces trouble.