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New Nike Kobe VII Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 08/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Perhaps you also for Bryant seven generations boots have a desire to understand it! Bryant seven generations boots so how about a pair of shoes? Kobe's loyal fans can not miss slightly! Bryant seven generations boots design ingenuity, cool the overall sense, coupled with the mysterious design inspiration and philosophy will become sought after yield. Bryant boots with 7 design inspiration from nature and color fast predator, they are cheetah, big white snake and Black Mamba. Indeed, Bryant on the court feels, and three ferocious predators are very similar, stable, Accurate, as long as his eye on rivals, before the final whistle will kneel at his feet.

Bryant boots in the standard version of the 7th generation of sufficient qualified for this task, golden foam rubber insoles with black fabric to form a full size within the boots, the boots can be seen in the appearance of the comfort and support of sophisticated design, the focus is very accurate, and It looks exactly like boots and slippers, air permeability to the extreme. Bryant seven generations boots domineering look attractive enough stream soon, let alone shoes performance, it is simply more powerful. December 22, 2012, Nike released Nike Kobe VII System Supreme. Its unique Kobe VII system can be customized to break the concept of a single product, by the speed of interchangeable modules and power module, different style of basketball to provide users with a variety of performance options. Both modules have different cushioning and support functions, so that players can be customized to adjust according to their own style. Dacheng, science and technology Nike Zoom Kobe VII concentrate prior generations of absolute unquestioned, maybe not as science and technology of the just released nike +, but this is a basketball shoe allows you to wear two or three years, with excellent cushioning and protection. The main technology used: NIKE ZOOM KOBE VII SYSTEM, PHYLON in the end, slim nylon constituted FLYWIRE like. These are now the latest technology nike, definitely give you a different feeling.
nike zoom kobe VII (Nike Kobe VII generation) after Nike basketball shoes and NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant signed a personal signature for introduced a third star style basketball shoes. This nike zoom kobe VII Nike Kobe basketball shoes are also a whole series of Kobe Bryant's favorite one.