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Nike Kobe 8 Basketball Shoes Online Store

Posted by admin 14/06/2016 0 Comment(s)



This weekend, received a pair of elite families, Nike Kobe 8  green, in fact, two years ago tried on shoes, but for various reasons it makes all kinds of twists and turns have their own pair now. Originally I want to wait after receiving kobe X Christmas crap put together three pairs of shoes, but it is unable to bear little excitement to write a hydrological it.

Extreme, this is my double elite green summarized. I thought it was the low-top basketball shoe to achieve the ultimate, to help low carbon plus front and rear panels of the heel and arch and then with the division of duties Zoom, hook head handle almost all the cards are pressed in these shoes. Because these shoes spokesman, was being staged in the ultimate offensive performances in basketball in recent years show the most extreme personal heroism. But who did not think this is the last extreme Kobe.