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Top Kobe 8 Basketball Shoes Purple

Posted by admin 29/06/2016 0 Comment(s)


Kobe Bryant is well-known basketball players, by the fans enthusiastic pursuit of its series boots also attracted many consumers. KOBE 8 System as Bryant's eighth signature shoe, made a very good market response to the theme of Black Mamba shoes, introduced a variety of snakes color, this article Xiaobian Bryant 8 color Best of Topic25 paragraph to tell you over the pages, and interested friends blessed it!

Design inspiration from soccer shoes, purple color with bright green transparent outsole, air show very well-known Taiwanese artist Chen states black on foot through! Christmas colors inspired BITIS NASICORNIS, this is an extremely bright colors snake, back to the pattern of a complex pattern of blue, black, purple, red, yellow, green and sides of the body are gray, cater Christmas theme , NIKE designers specifically chose red and yellow as the main colors, the overall feeling of this double shoes playing Christmas wreath effect, but also bring out the tongue belonging to Kobe exclusive identity. Bryant 8 Reviews believed This color is very high scores!