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2016 New Nike Kobe 11 Orange Black Basketball Shoes

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The 17th All-Star Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) said: "In collaboration with Nike, I always attaches great importance to the details of the shoes on KOBE 11, we improved the Flyknit together on the science and technology of basketball shoes.."


At first glance, low to help design and minimalist contours feel very familiar. You might think these shoes deja vu. A closer look is not so. See pearl fiber shoes on yet? This is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fibers, represents the technological progress. While it is fine, but more robust Nike Flyknit has declared the arrival of science and technology innovation. This progressive technology debut at KOBE 11, aptly demonstrated pursuit of innovation, consolidate the essence of Kobe Bryant design philosophy:? And perfectionism championship Bryant on the court and extends from the match .



2004 Nike Huarache 2K4 start, Bryant signature shoe series by the legendary star Kobe Bryant and Nike designer Eric Avar of joint efforts to bring technological innovation to the field of basketball, including Flywire technology to Nike Free inspired Natural Motion advanced proprioceptive and Flyknit SCIENCE. Meanwhile, Bryant continues the series less is more design philosophy. Integration of these values ​​completely change people's expectations of performance basketball shoe, which will be continued in the active stage 11 on Bryant last pair of boots --KOBE.


KOBE 11 using progressive low to help design, embodies the essence of the design Bryant signature shoe series: high performance, light weight, excellent responsiveness and a compact design. "KOBE 11 design reflects the overall strength far greater than the sum of the parts of philosophy." Designer Avar representation. Flyknit uppers bring superior flexibility and robustness of . KOBE 11 Flyknit more advanced science and technology, the integration of the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fiber strands to provide excellent toughness degrees. TPU according to the needs to strengthen the upper toughness precise positioning to achieve in the case of lightweight without sacrificing toughness degrees. Flyknit uppers and outsole directly connected outsole with groundbreaking sole grip pattern - this is the Avar and Kobe Bryant has long been dedicated to the study and grip stadium Jiaogan nuances results. KOBE 11 embedded in the end, which is applied at the Nike Zoom Air heel cushion to bring responsive cushioning at the forefoot use of the Nike Lunarlon foam to ensure comfort. Lightweight midsole groove design also introduced, so that the foot can move and bend the laws of nature. Of the 11 pairs of sneakers cooperation, Bryant and Avar how personal signature shoe story to set up a very high standard. KOBE 11 first color Achilles Heel is no exception. Use of dark red and black color shoes skillfully tribute to Greek mythology, the demigod hero Achilles, and Bryant's career experience. Achilles to conquering the body is known, the only weakness is his heel, he eventually fall is derived from the Trojan war arrow heel. The words "Achilles' heel (Achilles Heel)" came into being. Nike KOBE Soccer Shoes 11 Achilles Heel in the right heel at the use of the representatives of the hero pattern, with the left foot with four stitches symbol four inches long suture Kobe in 2013 with the Achilles tendon surgery.