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Legends Nike Kobe 11 Elite Basketball Shoes Reviews

Posted by admin 01/08/2016 0 Comment(s)


The so-called legendary, mostly high above, we need to look up the epic chapter. Bryant's career is undoubtedly such a worthy of us to pay homage to the legend. And most remain in the books or the screen legend is different, even though most of us have no opportunity to witness the miracle of Kobe, but through the shoes, we can still visit the legend.

As we all know, it does not occur if the meteorite hit the Earth level surprises, Kobe 11 Elite will be the last one in his career Kobe signature shoe. While special commemorative significance, in fact, the performance of the war has become the focus of our attention. For a more professional perspective to examine track performance Kobe 11, we invited this summer Nike "play tricks" outstanding performance, and to give Bryant himself approval of red and black, made him a share with Kobe 11 Elite dressed with us experience. Here, we tell you about the first special guest evaluation period of red and black sections. This summer "play tricks", he is not only the fans to show their expressive power dunk in terms of outstanding breakthrough and stable shots also give you left a deep impression. Coincidentally, red and black and I was Bryant's own fanatical fans, participate in the "play tricks" greatest power, that is, have the opportunity to get Kobe Bryant's instructions, and the idol and play together. As for shoes, Nike Kobe series naturally became his preferred playing in peacetime. In the past year, Kobe 10 Elite Low red and black when the campaign has been the most trusted partner for each stadium. So, the new Kobe 11 Elite at his feet, and what kind of performance? Listen we slowly come. In the past cognition, shoes damping performance will depend on the density midsole technology use and filler. You know, a lot of shoes with a series of beautiful technology configuration list, but due to the stiff filler, may not have good shock absorption foot feeling. But Kobe 11 Elite in the structure that has broken our original perception. For science and technology from the bottom, Kobe 11 Elite and Kobe 10 uses the same configuration as that of the forefoot into the concept of Free Lunarlon, the heel is the Zoom Air. Nike Kobe series shoes never will be in the comfort of a good performance, Kobe 11 Elite is no exception. Whether Flyknit shoe fit or Lunarlon midsole combined with Zoom Air in the feedback in the game can be a time to allow the feet to maintain a comfortable state. Distant from all kinds of shoes to Posite two years ago Kobe 9, are based on such a structure, but can at the same time, the bottom filled completely abolished, but only in front of Kobe 11 Elite. After removing the insole, Kobe outsole 11 Elite show a completely transparent form, in the upper transparent outsole, thin layer of transparent material to cancel the traditional backing cloth, and is connected with the sole adhesive. In other words, Kobe 11 Elite soles and uppers are connected. As a result, Kobe 11 Elite thin not only because in the end and affixed to the excellent sense of uppers and soles is integrally formed in the fierce campaign for the feet to form a fixed space to further strengthen breakthroughs reactivity. Perhaps faster than Kobe 11 Elite thinner is not without shoes, but shoes can reach people in a breakthrough in one situation, only Kobe 11 Elite.